Monday, August 17, 2015

My fascination with alleys

stems back to my childhood and all the summers I spent with my Nana in Waterloo, Ia.  There was an alley that ran from my grandmother's house down to my cousins' grandmother's house and a block or so more.  The alley was was cinders and provided not only trash pick up but entry into garages, none of which were on the street. 

I loved walking down the alley (or, at night, racing down it).  It was like a sneak peek into the lives of our neighbors.  The Cusamanos on the right of my Nana's house, had lots of kids and a bit of a ramshackle back yard.  I loved their place full of tents and tree swings.  The Stones, who lived on the other side were a bit more upscale.  They had the only maid in the neighborhood.  Their back yard was a bit on the sterile side.  Down the alley was where 2 sisters, my summer friends, lived.  The Willisons had the most beautiful back yard with a grape arbor and a garden with a lily pond if I remember correctly. I always knew when I was getting close to my Nana's house as the profusion of roses she had planted on her fence and the gate to the alley permeated the way.  Her garden was lovely until I had to help weed. 

All these memories have sent me exploring the alley ways of my town, Tarpon Springs, and I have enjoyed my ramblings even more than usual.  I have discovered one alley way downtown that leads behind both houses and businesses and past some delightful graffiti, brilliantly colored and executed.  Another alley way leads behind houses towards a bayou and winds hither thither and yon.    If I discover more, I'll report back. 

E has taken to some "rambling" himself.  It has been a week since his surgery and he has started his walking part of his recovery.  For the past two days, he and his walker (whom we should really name) have traversed up to half a block.  The goal for this week is to the entrance to our street and back.  Wish him luck.

Have a wonderful week and try some exploring in your home town.

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Pam said...

<3 you and him, and let's name the walker Pam.