Monday, October 19, 2015

Smooth sailing in St. Thomas

We had a lovely day with great breezes, fun shopping and a great tour. 

Our jitney bus picked us up just outside the cruise boat and took us a few blocks into the main shopping district of St. Thomas where we had two hours before the main tour of the island began.  We used our time wisely and even fit in a bit of shopping after a wonderfully refreshing rum punch. 

We wandered down one of the many intriguing alley ways but shipped the hundred or so steps to another shopping area.  We loved this winding and beautifully landscaped alley way where we finally got Leighton's Lladro.  We bought Chris and Kristen the Lladro wedding couple for the wedding cake topper and the boys matching little baby boys in shoes when we were in Barcelona but had yet to find one for Leighton.  When it arrives, I'll post it next to a pic of her...perfect match.

 E resting with a rum punch...all the shopping wore him out! lol

                                                                    Island Sights

 We spent a bit of time at the rum outlet with its amazing views and a bit more time on a beach where we had good company and made some new friends.  Before we knew it, we were back at the boat and we needed to rest, dress and head to our first formal night as the Infinity pulled out of St. Thomas.
Next stop, Antiqua.  (oh, and the Lladro just arrived as I was posting this!)

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