Friday, October 16, 2015

Home again home again

And what an amazing time we had cruising with Celebrity through 5 Caribbean islands during the past ten days.  We left on Oct. 5 and flew from Tampa International Airport to Ft. Lauderdale, less than a one hour flight.  While the drive from here to there is not bad, I did not want E to arrive with any issues or tired from the drive so soon after his back surgery. 

After a five minute cab ride from the airport to the port, we were escorted to our state room aboard the Infinity, a medium sized ship, perfect for E getting around with the help of his trusty cane that I have named Fred.  Our room and balcony were lovely and we settled in for two days at sea quite quickly.

E says I am seldom in any of our photos from our vacations and that I was to hand him the camera from time to time so I did.  This is our first evening on the ship in the tunic E ordered for me.  These were taken prior to dinner and before the mishap...

I wish I had taken pictures or had E do so immediately after the mishap and another color wine...was added to the new tunic top and the cream colored pants.  For a change, it was not me who spilled the full glass of wine at dinner but poor E who felt so badly.  The waiter seemed more concerned about the table cloth than me and we changed tables a day later where the waiter, his assistant and the darling sommelier kept us happy and well taken care of thereafter.

I soaked the shirt and pants in the stateroom sink with some shampoo immediately and E scrubbed and scrubbed.  All the stains came out...he used toothpaste on the worst and all of the wine came out.  It all would have been easier had I remembered our travel bottle of Wine Out!

Our two days at sea passed in a lovely blur of wonderful foods, wine on our balcony, reading and a bit of shopping.  As I stated when we booked this cruise, I gave up a chocolate diamond wedding band purchase for a trip to New Orleans.  Thanks to LeVian having a decent sale on board the ship, I now have a beauty of a new wedding band of gorgeous chocolate diamonds.  It needs to be sized due to the enlarged knuckle which rendered my original band unwearable.  I'll post pics later. 

First stop was St. Thomas...tune in tomorrow for the pics of our tour and that gorgeous island.

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LyndaKay said...

Cute tunic, glad you liked the ship, and can't wait to see the picture of the lovely wedding band. I love anything chocolate, but diamonds? Sounds perfect.