Friday, April 21, 2017

Another day...another march

Tomorrow is Earth Day.  In the past, I have picked up some trash around where I lived and promoted solar etc. but this time around, it seems more of a statement to support science.  My husband was a science teacher for over 30 years.  He taught ecology, physics, name it.  He has some amazing teachers under his tutelage in his 30 plus years and they have gone on to bigger and better careers.

I an walking tomorrow at a park in Clearwater, Fl. to honor his and my commitment to science.  We do not believe in Alt. Facts.  We believe in provable and wind are renewable sources of energy that do NOT pollute the environment.    Science saves lives through research and, if the funding for research is cut off, we no longer have access to possible cures for diseases.

I am walking tomorrow because I want my grandchildren to have access to modern technology concerning their health.  If funding is cut off, they will not have this gift of science.

I am walking tomorrow because I want our planet to be a continuing entity and if we do not stop the pollutants from coal and oil, we won't have a planet.

I am walking tomorrow because, despite the current administrations lack of knowledge or concern, I want a life for my grandchildren.  If the water is polluted, if the air is polluted, if our land is polluted...

we have no life to leave our grandchildren.

Think about that the next time you vote!

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