Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter 2017

Gene and I took our morning walks and then hid the eggs, stuffed the baskets and worked on the food for our family brunch.  Missing were Rob and our friends, Jo and Bill.  Gene fixed enough for 3 families and we sent home as much as we could with Kristen and Chris.

The kids played with  their basket toys Lego Star War Warriors for the boys  and  clothes in a little suitcase for Leighton.

 Leighton wanted me to show everyone how long her braid

 The boys loved their Legos
And Leighton dressed and redressed her 2 Barbies endlessly.

The table looked so pretty and the food was plentiful to say the least.

And, during the egg hunt after brunch, I snapped one group shot...getting these 3 to stand still is getting more and more challenging.
We put pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters in the eggs...each child ends up with 95cents.  Blue eggs for Landon, green to match his shirt for Colvin and, pink, of course, for Lei Lei.

The kids went swimming and played with their toys while those of us of legal age relaxed over an adult beverage.  Dishes were done, chores completed and time to chill.  I did sneak in a few shots of some of our flowers in our garden in full bloom.

May you have had a blessed Easter and/or Passover


LyndaKay said...

You're gchildren and garden flowers are beautiful.

McPugsly said...

Wow, your grandchildren are growing up so quickly. Nice pictures!