Monday, June 19, 2006

Grouper in Paradise

We don't eat out often because E loves to cook and is so good at it. When we do eat out, we have so many wonderful restaurants from which to pick here, that we work up a big hunger just trying to decide.

One of our favorites is the Lighthouse Restaurant which is right before the toll bridge to Sanibel. Their crunchy grouper is the best around. We went here for my birthday and sat on the screened in back porch overlooking the water and marina.

We are blessed with many, many great restaurants here: Parrot Key with its Carribean flavor and live entertainment on the Back Bay, The Fish House which is also on the Back Bay and specializes in calamare, Matanzas on the Back Bay with its fantastic fried clams and two birds named Pete and Repeat (honest!), and on and on and on.

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:Jayne said...

You are making me hungry! That looks divine!
My favorite grouper dish is Grouper Romar from Zeke's at Orange Beach, AL. DS2 & 3 both worked there and would bring some home every so often. It's the house speciality. DS2 waited tables so he had to know the decription and tell every table. He says he could say it in his sleep!
I think it is a lightly crusted grouper fillet stuffed with lump crab meat covered in cream sauce and topped with baby shrimp. Or something like that! Anyway it's to die for! If you ever get over this way, I'll buy you a plate of it!

Kip said...

well you're moving to a place that serves up:

grits and hominy and spurs
ostrich egg omelets
rattlesnake soup
gator balls

hope you have your taste pallet ready?

Ruth said...

it does look good and I have meatloaf I just made to look forward too. Lucky me, luckier you. Yum.