Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cosmo Cricket Papers

Jules' Creations

When I find a line of papers that I love and that show themselves to be very versitile, I love to tell everyone. I have been and still remain a devoted fan of Basic Grey, Daisy D, Kaleidoscrope, and Wild Asparagus. I have added still another line of fine and wonderous papers to my list: Cosmo Cricket! (

Anyone who knows me knows that I am the least likey person to be a "celeb stalker" but I did feel moved to write Julie Comstock, the principal of the company to thank her for her product lines. I wrote a rather tongue-in-cheek e-mail telling her that since getting a few of her lines I had not stopped scrapping with them (truth here: I must have done 5 layouts using these in the past couple of days), that my husband was going unfed, my children shoeless and my hair uncombed. I told her I needed a 12 Step Program. She e-mailed me back with this very funny !2 Step Program which I am reprinting with her kind permission.

12 Step Program from Cosmo Cricket

Step One: Admint you have a problem. (Congratulations, you seem to have taken this step on our own)

Step Two: Continue scrapbooking with your current supply of Cosmo Cricket products. If you don't you will feel guilty for having spent money on them.

Step Three: Put the pizza man on speed dial.

Step Four: Get your children flip flops.

Step Five: Have husband watch the movie, "Mr. Mom".

Step Six: Create a support group for women like you so that you can all share your problems(and products)with each other.

Step Seven: Let hair sit in a good conditioner until you can get a comb through it.

Step Eight: Have hair cut short into a hassle-free, 5 minute style.

Step Nine: Don't stop scrapping to go to sleep. This will allow more time to use up your current supply, and you won't mess up your 5 minute style.

Step Ten: Turn on ESPN, your husband will forget about dinner.

Step Eleven: Focus on the positive. You are creating something wonderful for the people you love and neglect.

Step Twelve: Feed the addiction. Buy Comso Cricket products whenever you can, otherwise withdrawal symptoms will set in.

What a funny lady. P.S. Julie, I love your name too!


Cheryl said...

What a hoot!!! I especially like the contrast of number 11, 'love & neglect'.


Jules said...

To see some layouts with these papers, under links, click on Jules'Creations and scroll down til you get to Finally and Life and Friendship Transcends Age.

Pam in Moncton said...

Very cute! Nice to get such a personal response and I do like "love and neglect" as well. I think there may be enough of us to make a support group, althopugh I haven't tried the Cosmo Cricket paper yet.

:Jayne said...

OMG! That is tooo funny! I am posting it for hubby to see! LOL! He thinks I am the only one!


PS The step about turning on ESPN works! As long as it or the NFL channel are on, he forgets all about me!

Jennifer said...

LOL! I love the personal response! I need the 12 step program. You have me wanting the cosmo cricket paper even more. I am getting ready to go on vacation, so I was going to hold off on the paper until I get back...but maybe will have to buy it and quickly make a travel journal!