Friday, September 08, 2006

It's the Weekend

and boy am I glad. Even though I am retired, I do work out of my home. I try to set a schedule but when something like this pinched nerve in my arm interferes with the schedule, I get thrown off kilter. Much of the work I do involves the computer and my hands. When one doesn't work well, work is harder than it should be.

On top of the fact this pinched nerve keeps me from full nights' sleep when it acts up, I am still concerned about getting this house sold so we can move when the new house is ready. That worry is also a distraction from both work and relaxation. We've been exploring alternative financing and options at our disposal for some sort of resolution to this problem before we both end up with ulcers.

This is not just another day in Paradise.

1 comment:

katie said...

Sorry about your pinched nerve, that cannot be fun at all.
Hope you can get comfortable soon.
I sure hope someone buys your house soon!!
Loved the picture of the gate. Thought is might be good as a basis for doodling or doing a frame around a layout or card.