Saturday, September 09, 2006

Just Jack the Cat

Poor ol' Jack has a urinary tract infection and has been moaning and groaning around the house. Since Jack spends a lot of time moaning and groaning every day, we did not pay too much attention to him. We have an apt. with a vet early this to figure out how to lure Mr. Chubs into the new cat carrier.
Jack is more E's cat than mine. Goof is Mama's boy. Jack follows E around the house, sits next to him at the table and cuddles with him during football games. Jack is a needy boy most days but when he started wanting to cuddle with me, we knew he was not well. At best, on one of Jack's good mood days, he tolerates me. So off it is to the vet soon. Kip, who has had a cat with the same problem, says the meds work fast and Jack will be back to his usual crabby self before we know it.
Meanwhile, poor Goofy got locked out on the front porch over night. Our boys don't go outside but they do roam the garage and lanai hunting for bugs and lizards and hang out on the front porch to chat with their neighborhood cat pals who do go outside. Apparently, Goof missed last call and spent the night out on the screened porch. Now, before you yell cat abuse and call the authorities, we have a fountain on the front porch and a settee with a cushion so he was not deprived. He sure made a mad dash for his food bowl though!
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Jules said...

Update on Jack the Cat. He is now on meds, has a new girlfriend (the vet's assistant) and wet all over himself on the trip home...guess who was holding the cat carrier? Off to shower!

Cindy said...

Awwww, I would love to snuggle with Jack! I hope he is feeling better now. poor sweetie. I had a cat that got the stones or crystals. he did prety well on a special diet but every once in awhile we would have an episode and off to the vet we would go. Even had to be catherized once. Hope Jack continues to do well.