Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Just another day in Paradise

Last fall, the kids told us about a small but very cute winery up near Tarpon Springs, where Chris works. When we were up visiting them, we took a break from working on their house and visited the winery. I fell in love with the rod iron lace work, the small garden and the very nice selection of mostly imported wines.

Today is a catch up day for E and I. He has a day off work, the termite guy is coming to treat the house (which will give us a warentee to offer the new home owners when we sell), and we have some odds and ends shopping to do.

We had a very pleasant evening catching up with our neighbors across the street and down the street at a bbq at our house. Wonderful salads by Deb, flavorful grilled veggies by Kathy, ribs, sausage and pork states by E...we have been invited to a Christmas tree decorating party at Kathy and Lyman's on Thurs evening. They are seasonal home owners and put their tree up now so when they return in Dec. it is all done. Too funny!

Off to catch up on everyone's blogs....have a great Tues. and don't forget to vote! Posted by Picasa


crazydarla said...

Sounds like fabulous times as always for you! You must just be the light of the show everywhere, you seem to just bring people together in fun Jules! What an awesome trait about you!! XOXO


esusetain said...

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Cindy said...

Lovely pic, Jules! How funny about your neighbors putting up their tree now! Sounds like a good idea though. They must cover it up when it's decorated? I would think it would get dusty left up all that time. Mine gets dusty after one month of being up! Have fun! Bet it will put you in the spirit! LOL!