Thursday, October 19, 2006


We have an on-going friendly rivalry with our friends in Titusville, Kim and Jerry. We compete to see who can send the other the strangest or funniest plush toy that sings etc. We started small with little dancing Santa Hats and have worked our way up to the Turkey that sings Turkey Trot that they sent up last Thanksgiving. When E brought this home from Sweetbay last week, I knew we would have a leg up on the competition. I loved it so much, he brought me one home the next day.

When you push his hand, he jumps up and down and sings, "I want Candy!" . Way too cute.

I have a nerve conductivity test on my left arm today at ten to try to figure out why I have the intermitten pain in my hand. Although the pain has decreased in frequency, it is still as strong when it 'hits'. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this so I am not ODing on Aleve all the time.

I have two layout ideas roaming through my head and need to get some notes made at least. I started the December Winter Wishes kit yesterday and the lovely colors keep drawing me back. I'm forcing myself to go slow on this kit so that I don't miss an opportunity to incorporate the oh so pretty elements into it.

Not much else on the agenda for today. Thinking I must go by the Owl and the Pussycat Stamp Art Store here in Ft. Myers after my dr. apt. for a reward, ya know? I leave that store so inspired every time! Regina is an amazing artist.

Have a good one (humming here "I want Candy"


Kath said...

OMG, that's the cutest. May have to go "haunt" one up for myself.
I saw your post on the Box about this and came to see it. Understand? There I was again - oh, that looks interesting - oh it's Jules!!! ROFLOL.
Be good for the doc, and treat yourself very very well after.

Jillybean said...

I want a dancing pumpkin too:-) That is just so cute!!


Cindy said...

OMGawd, that is so cute!! I declare you the winner in this round!!!

Hope you can get to the cause of your hand pain Jules! You need that hand!!

Tya said...

Love your cute Halloween guy. I'm not big on Halloween stuff, buy my BF is and she'd love him!

:Jayne said...

LMAO! My FIL & I have this same competition with each other!
Love your sunrise pics! Isn't sunrise over the water such a treat to see?
Hope all goes well at Docs.


Eljay said...

too cute!!! hope the dr goes well. Pain is not good no matter if it is decreasing in frequency. love ya, me

Kip said...

Love it!!! I hope your arm gets better soon too!