Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ghosties dancing in the night

Since we now know we will be here through January at least, we dug out our Halloween Ghosties and circled them around the tree in the front yard. The wind picked up last night and the ghosties danced the night away. Someone came walking by as I was taking these pictures and asked if we were going to illuminate the ghosties. We've thought about putting a solar flood light or two out but the sheets show up very well at night without any other light.

I'm off to Creep Over on Friday. This is a Hilltop Memories weekend crop and I can't wait. Linda throws one heck of a crop party and I'll get to finally meet Jayne.

I'm picking Kip up a bit before noon and we'll head up to the state park where this retreat is being held. We have a cabin with our on-line friend, Jayne and will get to hang out with Dee, Elle and other Hilltop Gals. Our only regret is that our pal, Teri, had to back out as her hubby had a last minute business trip come up.
Don't forget to check out the hints about the Nov. kit on Jules' Creations. Tomorrow is the big Reveal Day with orders starting at ten am on the first of Nov. (we changed the time so you all don't have to lose sleep staying up til midnight! lol).

So, keep those Ghosties dancing! Posted by Picasa


Jillybean said...

Love the ghosts! Wish I was going to the Creep Over crop too. Have fun!!


Yvonne said...

Love your ghosties! Have fun at the crop. I'll be looking out for the kit, too!