Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Thursday in Paradise

A Dr. visit on the agenda for today to find out what to do about the carpal tunnel thing going on in my left arm and a visit to cemetary to see if the decorations need changing out yet. I think my sister and I will head to McGregor Cafe for lunch. My aunt Momie and I use to eat here and my sister and I have carried on the tradition. It should stay cool enough to eat outside.

This was the view at Channel Mark where E and I went for lunch last Friday. The little birds were following the shadows cast by the pilings and napping there. This is where we will all be going for Thanksgiving this year. For all I know, we'll be in the midst of packing, my sister's place is a bit too small for all of us, and niece Jenny is still getting settled into her new home. So a restaurant for us makes the most sense this year. It will be a change for us; that much is sure.

Today is the Reveal day at with our November Hang Ten Paper Arts kit up for preview. Orders start at ten am (EST) on Nov. 1. We've had a lot of fun with this one and hope everyone likes it too.

I'll put a couple of pics up in Jules' Creations once Jill has it up on the kit site.

Have a great day! (too many shows on Thurs. night...I need Tivo!) Posted by Picasa


bh said...

Love the pictures you put up on your blog. I moved from Ft. Myers 3 years ago and miss being by the water. I have been scrapping for 10 years and always looking for the latest products online. Keep up the nice blog!!

Michele L from Tampa said...

Man you just always take such wonderful pix! Love them! Too much to do, and too many excellent shows - yes I will make time for Greys (I do have a DVR but have to watch)