Sunday, February 04, 2007

Take Time to Smell the Roses

Yesterday was a bit of a disjointed day...the kind where you just 'can't get there from here' in many ways. I was on a search for E for a medium sized crock pot, getting a birthday gift for a one year old, and ink for my traveling printer. Only when I got to stop number 1 did I realize I did not have my driver's i.d....I went into panic mode for a bit, bought the baby gift w/the cash E had given me for the crock pot and tried to remember where I had used my driver's ID last. It turned up in my shorts pocket from when I had biked up to the grocery store the other day, and is now nice and clean as it went through both the washer and dryer. I raced back out to fax an application to teach and the UPS store had closed ten minutes crock pots in sight but I found my ink at Wally World (who had the right sized crock pot, but no cord for it!).

On my way out, there it was. The sweetest miniature rose bush. The inside buds are a soft pink and the outside petals are a lovely yellow. Rob had given me 3 miniature rose bushes in a lovely planter for Mother's Day a year or so ago but a cold spell had divested them of blooms, and life. Now I can replace one of them!

When I was taking the pictures for the blog, Goofy came up to the plant and I thought he was just going to sniff the buds. Oh , no...he bit one off completely. I must have been yelling at him and he moved when I took the shot! You get the idea. (Back to my digi photography book and the section of taking pic of pets!)

Happy Super Bowl to all


Michele L from Tampa said...

Still a very cute picture! Your cat looks like my beloved Winston. SO I just love seeing pictures of him!

Kip said...

Too funny that Goof ate it, lol!!! It looks real pretty though. I love roses too.

madelineas said...

Love the kitty picture..great for a LO. The rose bush is gorgeous..