Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Smoochie Girls

Long ago and far away, I had two girlfriends who always said hello and goodbye to me with a smack on the lips. One would say to me, "Don't tell So and So(the other one), which is what the other one would also say. I was describing this to another friend who promptly joined in as well.

I was working a convention and another Smoochie Girl and I were telling some pals over dinner about this strange thing where my friends are drawn to kiss me hello and goodbye. I told the new girls that they too would want to join the club by the end of the evening and sure enough...3 more Smoochie Girls were added to the rooster.

This past weekend at the Hilltop Crop, about 3 new members joined. Suzie, Jayne's sister, was one of them. Welcome Suzie...Jayne bought some of us lips to celebrate and Kip figured out a way to attach these to the totes. I'll post a pic of mine if I can find my camera amongst the chaos here.

I still have not unpacked, nor done laundry. I got started on one of my classes for Kim Hodges' (www.scrapbooksnstickers.com) Scrapvivor Retreat on Marco Island in September. My class, done with the Junkitz Boardz book and the Zoom Crate Papers, is called, "What I did on my Summer Vacation" and is coming along quite nicely thank you. I want to design it so it would work for both kids and adults.

The solar panel people will be here soon so I'd better get some clothes on besides my jammies. My bed head hair is enough to scare them away. We are hoping the panels and the heat blanket that comes with will help us keep the heat bills lower on the pool this winter. I'll keep ya posted on that one...it is suppose to be in the low 90s here in Paradise today! lol


Terrie said...

ok, Jules, if we ever meet in person, I am instantly joining the smoochie girls brigade! LOL! so funny! =) looooove your pic! very very glamorous! =)

Tam said...

Count me in on that Smoochie girls brigade too! I am still keeping my fingers crossed that you will be teaching at the Tulsa CKC!

Norma said...

You Smoochie Girls look simply smashing! Lovin' those lips - no need for botox.

madelineas said...

Jules you look great in the red lips, love them :)

LIZZEE said...

LOL you always have good stuff to read.. and of course your talent as well. Love it.