Monday, July 23, 2007

So you think you can dance..Ft. Myers Beach style!

After a tough day of floating in the pool, walking the beach hunting for shells, playing in the surf and working on 2nd degree sunburns, we all cleaned up, had a few snacks (E's infamous fresh guacamole and salsa) for energy, and headed over to the Bridge for Raeggae Night. We danced and drank and had more energy snacks like the olives Kip had in her martini's. Here are Janet and Jerry with their spell binding move on the dance floor!

We moved on to Parrot Key where one of the last of the Platters was singing MoTown Favorites and we danced and danced some more. In addition to Kim and Jerry, Kristen and Chris, E and I and Janet and Kip, we were joined by the 'young un's', Jadee and her friend, Andrea. We sat through the last set before heading home with the sounds of fondly remembered tunes playing in our heads. Janet had an early morning meeting with her contractor so she headed back to Anna Marie Island about an hour and a half north and Kip spent the night

We have had storms this morning but this is not a bad thing. After yesterday's going for the burn, we could all probably profit from a day out of the sun. Besides, these storms generate great shelling. Now, if Kristen would just finish her Harry Potter book, I could settle in for a day of getting lost in the fantasy!

I'll put up a slide show soon of some of the amazing sun sets and sun rises we have been having here in this slice of Paradise.


:Jayne said...

Looks like fun was had by all! Enjoy! I have all the ingredients for E's potato salad and I may make it for dinner tonite AND Luncheon on Wednesday. I'm sure it won't be as good as his!



Heyyyy, beautiful picssss. I love danceeeeeeeeeee...!!! Thanks for yuor visitttt. many love from Mexico !!!!

LIZZEE said...

You always look like you have so much fun..Your pictures show that.. Great to see it.

Ruth said...

I was thinking to myself today "haven't seen Jules around in ages, hope she is alright" and look what I find. You are up to all sorts of fun things. Olives in martinis are actual sustinance, who knew.