Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Something for everyone...

We are a pretty diverse group here during Week 29 this year. Kristen and Chrsi have their own unit and she has been knee deep in the new Harry Potter novel...at my urging as my copy is back in Tarpon Springs. Hurry up and read that, Kristen!!!! and Chris has been sunning and funning with us. Kim and Jerry, for the first year since they bought their unit five years ago are all alone. They usually have his kids or her kids or a mix of the two or other assorted relatives visiting. The four of us have had more time to hang out and play than we usually do which has been great. Jadee brought her two young ones along with her friend, Andria, whose daughters are almost the same age at Jadee's . They also brought some adult help and the gals have been able to have some vacation time to spend together. Steve and DeeDee did not make it down this year as they took a tour of Hawaii for their 20th. Anniversary and they are some of the regulars here during this week.

Yesterday K & J, K & C, and E and I met up in the resort lobby, roamed down the street to Hooters and pigged out on crab legs and wings. We rolled ourselves home to float in the pool and refresh ourselves with some cold beer.

We've been having the most amazing sunsets here due to the storms which have been moving in an out of the area. In addition, the storms have brought in tons of great shells as K & J found out yesterday when they took a side trip to Lover's Key!

Off for my morning walk and then later I have a shelling date with my new young 4 year old friend, Paige.

Have a great day and know that someone here on the beach is toasting you to a colorful sunset every night! Wish you were here.


madelineas said...

You vacation sound like a blast. So happy you are enjoying it

LIZZEE said...

Jules great photos and lot s of fun your blog always makes me smile