Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Doctors doctors and more

Today is the day to suck it up and head out to my Well Woman check up which sounds a lot better than what my dd calls it, "the girly exam". Long over due for this one as it has been over two years. And I am old enough to know better too!

After that excitement, we are going to test drive the 07 G6 we saw yesterday. It is a hardtop silver convertible and it looks so pretty. I am fairly sure E and I will look just mighty fine in too. We shall see.

Later today comes the mammo (and no, lady, I can't get any more of 'it' up there on that plate!)and then the bone density which I've had before and no biggie. Boy, will I be glad to get all this over with and resume life.

I've got a bunch of stuff on my plate right now and have designated tomorrow as clean off the work table day....anyone want to join me in a purge and put away marathon? Our garage sale is the 3rd. weekend in Sept. and I want to sell tons of stuff I don't use.

Kristen called yesterday to report in on her first day at work. She loves her new school and the women in her team...she says they laugh, stay late like her and she was made to feel welcome and a part of the team. She has 18 kids and wants to know what day of the week I'll be volunteering to help with the wee ones...ummmmmmmmm. I'll wait to see how things go and commit to one day after the garage sale.

Off to take a shower and get all clean and spanky for my checkups...


WAgal said...

Oh what a fun day you have on tap!!! NOT!! But it's a nessesary evil, I guess. Hope all goes well.

Fletch said...

Hope your doctor visits bring nothing but great news!!

crazydarla said...

Hope all your appts go well, and quick! Ick! LOL

I will join you tommorrow for a clean and purge, so need to do it! I'll get the rest of my "jobs" done today so I can be sure to joing you on Thursday! Maybe I'll get inspired by putting all my stuff in the proper homes?

HUGS to ya!

Tya said...

I'm in the same boat Jules. My check up is next Wednesday. So not looking forward to it. Plus I'm scheduled for a stress test on Sept. 10th. That will be tons of fun. NOT!

Pam in Moncton said...

Hope all the appointments go well and are on time.

Michele L from Tampa said...

dont you just love the girly exams? ugh. so glad dd loves the school she is at! smooches

:Jayne said...

Oh the ole poke and prod! How fun.
I am so glad Kristen is happy this year! I didn't want her to burn out so young!
Would love to help you clean and purge! Would love more to come to your yard sale!