Friday, August 03, 2007

Heading to Sebring

for the Hilltop Memories' Fried Green Tomato Weekend Crop. Around 11 ish, E will drive me down to Kip's and we will head to Sebring. We have a cabana room pool side and I am really looking forward to this weekend.

It will be good to see Jayne, her sister, Gerry-anne, Lisa and Barb from Ft. Myers, Jill from the Carolinas and all the other Hilltop gals that I only get to see at the crops. My class is scheduled for ten am on Sat. and has filled up quite nicely.

I need to repack things as Kip's car, Florence darling, while quite cute, is not as roomy as our ugly old van. She and I have managed, in the past, to get quite a bunch of stuff into Florence but I'd hate to overload the car. E is really happy that Kip offered to drive so he can grocery shop to his heart's content this weekend while I am gone.

I have a few more things to do for my class next Sat. at Ruban Rouge in Palm Harbor, Fl. ( but can complete those early next week. Jill will be coming back to my house after the crop on Sunday and we have my niece and her family coming for a visit the following Friday through Sunday. August is a busy month for us but it will be slowing down after the 18th. when Kip and I take the Luxe Girls' classes at Ruban Rouge.

Will check in from Sebring if I can...I'm sure there will be many memorable pictures to post and scrap. I love hanging out with these rowdy girls!


Tya said...

Have fun Jules!

LIZZEE said...

I signed up for the email notification of the new site. can't wait to see what's in store for it.

LIZZEE said...

I have a freind that use to be on the older one however I just couldn't register for the life of me.???? Waiting anxiously for new one.