Thursday, August 02, 2007

Slow but sure

I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep last night so took the first of my new Ambien sleep pills. They work fast and gently (which means E took the remote out of my hand, turned off the t.v. and light and I slept through it all).

While I do feel rested, I feel slow and a bit like I am 'hung over'. I've never has this residual affect from the old and unimproved Ambien. I'll give it another shot next time I can't sleep and hope for better morning after effects.

I have errands to run to finish up the kits for this weekend's class. E and I are heading out to lunch at one of our favorite places in old town Palm Harbor, Peggy O'Neal's, and then return home to rain, rain, and more rain.

Hope this ends before tomorrow or Kip and I will be pool side with umbrellas!

Later, gators!


Tya said...

Jules I hope you & E have a wonderful lunch today, and have fun on your trip. :-)

nickle831 said...

I hate that sluggish feeling. Hope you feel more rested now.

Doug Bagley said...

Shoot, I feel that way without ambien, LOL. Really, it is an awful feeling to feel out of it for a while.