Saturday, September 22, 2007

Afternoon from Paradise

E is watching football and, as soon as I finish organizing my blue cardstock, I'll be scrapping the rest of the afternoon. I have a secret surprise I am working on for the gals at Creative Scrap Shack and can't wait to get this Trick or Treat started!

The rain held off until around 12:30 and our last customer of the day bought all my scrap cabinets from Target...yeah! Our stereo system went early as did the lamp and lots of other biggie items. We cleared about 165.00 today and hopefully can get more sold tomorrow. It was slow and I am thinking it might have been the weather. Our neighbors all came by and bought things and we got to meet some we had not met before which was so nice.

The kids did not fare as well only netting 10$ and that was after they got themselves breakfast at Mickey D's (or was that before?)lol. Anyway, they live on a better traveled street than ours and may have a yard sale next weekend to sell anything that does not go tomorrow. E may take some of our left overs there after he drops me off at the MS crop. I'll save any scrap crap (as E is wont to call it) for a garage sale at one of the lss near here.

Off to scrap! Have a good one.

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Pam in Moncton said...

Good work on the yard sale! A great opportunity to meet some people too. I wish I was closer and could easily go to the MS Crop as I had a cousin die of MS and I like to support that cause. Looks like a lot of fun too.