Friday, September 21, 2007

Good Friday eve to all

I've been a crazed woman lately. I've gotten so much accomplished the past 3 days it is unreal. I am not sure if it is the walking every morning or the high blood pressure pills kicking in finally, but I am not going to mess with whatever it is.

Took my new car, Hot Mama, out for a spin this afternoon, top down, wind blowing through my 'needs to be cut' hair. First stop, hair salon to make a cut appointment and then on to the library for some good reading or, at least I hope so. I ran by TJ Maxx but didn't see anything to tempt me and finally to the drug store for the pb reading. It is down from 156/96 (the day I went to the dr.) to 135/45. YEAH! I am out of the "you are going to stroke out any minute" category on the machine!

We are already for the garage sale and the purging here in the work room inspired me to organize. I was so tired of not being able to find what I needed when I needed it. It is bad enough that Harry Jr., our new computer, is still not up and usable (well, it is but it won't accept my scanners, printers, etc), but to lose my scissors and cutter was the last straw.

I've redone all my card stock, my Prima (and other)flowers, my altered items shelf, my Xyrons, all my patterned papers, my storage bins, and ribbons, inks and etc. are yet to come. I probably won't want to make any messes when I am

The kids are due for supper around 6 having dropped off one load of their things for the garage sale already. It will be good to get this sale behind us.

Have a great evening and what about Survivor? I think that tribe made a huge mistake sending chicken home and keeping that whiney pro wrestler. JMHO.


Anne said...

Your energy is inspiring! I try to make progress in my office, but there simply is no place to put anything unless it simply gets relocated to another room, which doesn't solve the problem. Today I have a plethora of errands, so at least I can knock things off lists that way. Good luck on the yard sale!

Pam in Moncton said...

Hi Jules. Sounds like you are doing a great job clearing out and organising. Care to come do that to my house? Ha ha! I can't see why they sent chicken home either except t always seems they will send home one of the best workers at the start, maybe because he or she shows up the rest of the lazy layabouts? Good news on the blood pressure.

madelineas said...

YAY Jules, blogger is finally letting me post a comment...
Sounds like you have been really busy. Great news on the BP, good for you.
Sounds like you are all organized now, can you come help me now :)