Friday, September 28, 2007

Walking the causeway at Howard Park

In order to keep our 6 day a week morning walk from being routine and boring, we've decided to have a walking adventure at least once a week. Yesterday morning, we put the top down on "Hot Mama", our new car and headed through Tarpon Springs to a lovely park. We drove through the wooded part of the park, over the cause way to the beach and then walked the cause way back to the entrance and then back to the beach. I wish you could have been with us! The view, the tang of the salt off the Gulf, the breeze through the palms, the love bugs...oh, yes! The love bugs are back but kept themselves to the two bridge passes, thank heavens.

We even saw about a four foot sand shark cruising for his/her breakfast along the shallows. The cause way side of the island was filled with birds walking the muddy flats left by the out going tide in search of a bite to eat. The beach side was just starting to get the last of the summer visitors or perhaps they were early seasonals.

What a great way to start our day!

This evening starts the MS Crop in Oldsmar. I'll take the Hang Ten stuff over around 4 and set up a 'tropical' booth with a display of our kits. Can't wait to see Miss Linda, Elle, Kip, Mary Mary (you are coming arn't you, pal?)and all the other wild women of the HIlltop Memories group. And then my friend, Barb, will be getting in with her dd, Gerri-anne and her pals, Lisa and G-a's next door neighbor. It will be good to see the Kit N Kaboodle gang again too.

If this blog doesn't change tomorrow, it is because Kip, Barb and I stayed up to late tonight talking by the pool after the crop and slept in a bit tomorrow. I will post with pictures from the gang as soon as I can.

Have a great one...


Pam in Moncton said...

Have fun at the crop and say hi to all the gang from me! What a good cause to support as well. Your walking area looks so beautiful! I would love to have a place nearby like that!

susie said...

Have fun croppin this weekend and say "Hi!" to all for me. Wish we were there.
:} Susi

Chris said...

looks like a beautiful place for a walk. have fun cropping

Deanna said...

Love the pictures! I sat reading this in the wee hours of the morning really wishing I was there! Thanks for the encouragement on my blog about school! I appreciate it so much! Enjoy your weekend!

Tya said...

What a beautiful place Jules. Your photos are awesome, as always! ;)