Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ft. Desoto and John's Pass

We loved, absolutely loved Ft. Desoto. Bill is a big history buff and we all had fun exploring the battery of the fort and the surrounding areas. But the best was the beach. It was voted 'most beautiful beach' in the US in 2005 and should be voted that again every year...the sand is soft and a pretty white, the trees and palms are lovely and the sea oats sway oh so nice in the breezes off the Gulf and Tampa Bay. We took a nice long walk and had the best time. I got some great pics of the Light at Egmont Key where parts of Ft. Dade can still be viewed. I loved our trip to Egmont about 4 years ago and want to return now even more.

As we were close, we headed up to John's Pass and had lunch at one of E and my favorite waterside restaurants, Scully's. The food was good as always and we played tourist through the tiny shops up and down the side street and on the boardwalk. One of the fun things to do is to watch the drawbridge go up and down allowing access from the Gulf into John's Pass for large boats. The new bridge is making headway and I will be sorry to lose the little one that I so love.

We have another busy day here planned with our friends and, alas, our last one as they wing their way back to St. Louis on Thurs. They are coming over early afternoon for some exploring on the Sponge Docks and then staying for one of E's amazing suppers. Can't wait.

Have a great one...and yes, I have even gotten some creating done...I started my cigar purse (or whatever it will turn into) and did two layouts on Wed. when our friends just hung around their beach in Clearwater for the day.


crazydarla said...

This all looks so amazing... someday I am going to have to travel to FL and see everything!

Chris said...

lol looks like CSS Posse might be needed!

Kim said...

Awesome, Jules - love those beaches up there - k

Pam in Moncton said...

Great pictures! Looks like a lovely beach and I love the pics of the storks from the other day. Your room looks lovely! Congrats on the Somerset Memories article! It's wellwrittena nd the project is beautiful. Can you tell I'm catching up? How do I sign in? Just leave a comment like this?