Sunday, February 17, 2008

Finally home sweet home

Will have pics up tomorrow, I promise. We are all exhausted from all the laughing and late night cropping. You won't believe this but I actually stayed up until past mid-night both Friday night and Sat. evening.

E is cooking Jill and I something wonderful for supper that involves chicken. Meanwhile, we are getting into showers and jammies and I am having a nice glass of vino.

I finished 2 layouts, got 3/4 of my acrylic album "A Gathering of Goddesses" weekend done and started my tribute book to my Nana.

And to my sister, I have been thinking about you all weekend and wish there was something I could do. Stay busy, don't sit home and be sad (although I know how hard that is)and know that we love you.

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Janet M said...

Oh waiting for some cute pictures of all the fun.