Monday, February 18, 2008

Here are the promised pics (part 1)

This is the Road Trip Gang outside of my house (not pictured)before we left for the Winter Retreat. G-a and Sonia (who has been renamed Sophia by Linda) slept on the couch, Barb got the queen sized blow up bed in my work room and Jill got the guest room as she was staying more than one night. Now, are we not just the cutest women?

And this is the trailer that Sonia 'procured' for us from her b-i-l. And if you think this is full, you should have seen it on the trip home! Egads.

I love Oleano State Park...we had the neatest cabin (our own private bathroom, with two bedrooms and a kitchen and windows that close. There were 9 of us in our core group as Kelly caravaned up with us meeting up on Hw 75. Jayne and Susie joined us at the park. I think Sonia was actually a tad disappointed that the weather was not bone chilling as we had warned her other Winter Retreats had tended to be.
More tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully happy blog! Very interesting reading and great pics!

Deanna said...

I SO wanted to go to WR this year, but couldn't. With all the stuff going on with our move to Savannah I couldn't pull it off!

LIZZEE said...

How fun.. You a traveling girl..

Anonymous said...

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