Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Last of the Retreat pics

It has become a tradition that we take group pics of the members of our cabin on the bridge that spans the SanteFe River and then other shots of the gals. Here we are in groups of twos and threes: Robin and Amy, Kip, Barb, Jill and me, Jayne and her slightly older sister, Suzie, and Barb and me!

Today E and I start our "get this weight off" campaign. We need to get back to our biking/walking daily routine and monitoring our eating like we did before. When we did this, I took off 14 lbs and he lost almost 18. Some has crept back on with the eating out at CHA and at the retreat and if it continues, I will start feeling more and more like a slug. I want to climb the falls at Ocho Rios on the cruise and that is a scant 6 weeks away. My body will work better for me if I take better care of it and get some of this blubber off. Wish us/me luck.

It is overcast here today. I am hoping the sun comes out when we bike into town. E wants the bike shop guy to put his carrier on his bike as the directions are a bit vague. The guy at the shop told me he would install if for him when I bought it at Christmas. It gives us a reason for a nice long bike ride.

In the midst of all my unpacking, I had to stop and scrap a layout. I used the PDQ papers by Bisous.Biz and am loving it. I can't put it up because I am going to submit this one and the call says it can't be displayed anywhere. Wish me luck!

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