Friday, February 08, 2008


I've been working of a couple of projects these past few days when I was not going AWOL or crazy trying to get ready to attend CHA and the day after we return from Anaheim, to head out to Winter Retreat to have fun with my pals and teach a class.
The class is called "Memo to Self" and in in a slide show in the jules-atoasttoalteredart.blogspot Blog. This kit is stuffed and so many cute elements in it...well, go look for yourself! And, if I have any left, I'll be making them available here after the Winter Retreat for 30.00.

Well, Minnie, the laptop, comes back from her visit to the computer doctor today and she is coming home butt memory, no pictures, no nothing! and of course I have no clue where half the soft ware for my programs is and, even if I did, her burner is shot and it was not in this month's budget for a new one for her. Maybe next month, Minnie, ol' girl. I'd be more upset about losing all I had on the laptop but I can't remember but one or two things anyway. And I blog religiously so have representative photos from any major and many minor events in our lives for the past 2.5 years. There is an advantage to memory loss ya know? Next year, E and I plan on hiding our own Easter eggs!

The Just Jack layout was done with the amazing PDQ papers and (smiling big) it is up on Suzanne's web site for her wonderful company. The second picture of me was for a challenge that individual members of the Creative Scrap Shack were to come up with for this month. My challenge was to 'scrap your philosophy or scrap a phrase you live by...and this layout was mine.

BTW: Creative Scrap Shack ( is having a huge 40% off sale to clear the way for incoming CHA, don't walk over to Carman's store and pick up some fantastic deals!

My ToDo list only has 8 items left on it now. I am pretty well packed for CHA, almost packed for the retreat. Still have some photos to run, bills to pay and to post the Design Team Layout of the Day at Css.

Gerri-anne, Barb, Sonia, arrive around 6 ish tonight with another couple of gals following just in time for dessert. We're having Cajun pasta w/andouille sausage for supper and lemon mousse with raspberry champagne sauce for sweets. The tomorrow we catch that big bird in the sky and head to Anaheim! Will report in as often as I can.


karen said...

Hey Ms Jules...Have fun at CHA...
and Winter Retreat...don't forget my name is on the top of the list for the "note to self" project....I hosey!!!!
Love You!!!

Jules said...

Karen you are are no.for sure! Got a list going and your are NO> ONE!

Jules said...

ARggggggggggggg. my typos are out of are Number One on the list!

Chris said...

wahhhhhh you can't leave me... who willl i have coffee with??

Scrappin' Jackie said...

luv the projects. have fun at cha and wr.
hope to see u soon,
jackie d.

:Jayne said...

Have a safe trip and remember I always have bail money ready. Can't wait for WR. I want to buy your kit!
Find us good things at CHA!