Sunday, August 10, 2008

Good company! and belated posting

Jenny, Tony and Kaela stopped in for a short visit on their way to Disney before Kaela starts back to school. Although Chris has to work, Rob and Kristen made it over for E's (now)famous Spicy Greek Chicken, Lemon soup and olive bread with a yogart cucumber spread. And this is what we do when we are together...
Kristen and Jen get caught up on each others' lives. Jen, Kaela and I scrap a bit. Rob plays some kind of game with Kaela which she swears will teach him how to cook. Tony works on real estate and watches football with the guys. E cooks amazing goodies to nourish our tummies and souls(pics to follow tomorrow) and, with lots of help from everyone, I clean up.

Unfortunately, we got some bad new this weekend from my dad that he has lung cancer. He will be undergoing radical and aggressive chemo starting this Tues. I know he was in all our thoughts during this visit and will continue to be.


eljay716 said...

So sorry about your dad. He is in my thoughts.

croppin carla said...

OHHHH sorry to hear about you dad.......I will keep you and your family in my prayers.