Sunday, October 04, 2009

Far too much fun for one human being...

Yesterday was a delightful day from start to finish. Becky picked me up and we headed to Tony's Diner on Alt. 19 to fuel up for our trip to Sarasota and the Nikki Sivils class being sponsored and hosted by KnK Club (and a big hats off to G-a and Sonia for doing such a great job)! The class was well organized, the project, a darling little ghostie book, darling and fun to do and Ms Nikki is a charming and talented young woman. And I am not biased at all just because she is a fellow Missourian! lol. Janet, who could not make the class, won the grand prize and I won one of the other give aways. I called Janet and she was delighted, of course. And thanked me for hanging on to her darling Nikki bag after having to pry a certain someone's fingers of it!

We finished up and left about six-ish. It was a great day spent among friends and it was good to see ladies I had not had a chance to visit with in some time. Becky and I loaded up the car (and managed to acquire a few more items than we came in with from the KnK store)and headed towards home. We made two side trips and I am so glad we did.

Becky knows a couple of quaint places hidden away in Cortez which is a working fishing village outside of Sarasota. I could live in the town if I wasn't so in love with my little town here. The cottages are all so amazing and then there is the food. We stopped first at the Cortez Kitchen (sure hope I get that name right)and it was jumping with what sounded like a live band. We definitely need to put that on the day trip list. And then Becky took me to the closest thing I've ever been to since the days of Timmy's Nook on Captiva. I loved Timmy's Nook and like Timmy's, Star Fish Company sits on the water. You can look through the cracks in the dock and see the water and the food is every bit as fresh and tasty as I remember from Timmy's. It was like coming home.

Becky had timed it perfectly. As we ate our fried shrimp, clams strips, wonderful hush puppies and fries, we toasted the sun set with a couple of cold brews. Another wonderful road trip...many thanks, Becky.

More pictures later...hope everyone has a great day and thanks to Becky for sharing her camera and the pictures so nicely with me.


rebecca lucille said...

Cortez is a place to be shared with friends, Jules.... thanks for sharing. I was so glad to share it with you! THIS Floridian will hopefully call Cortez or Bradenton home one day soon....
yes... Cortez Kitchen is the name...and next time we'll take a day trip...explore and dine at Star and then drink and dance at the Kitchen!
I had a blast with you as always!!
Can't wait for the next adventure!

Teresa said...

Awesome...LOVE it :-)

elle said...

so glad i got to see you and becky both, even though we didn't get to chat much!

man, those places look so cool, think i'll have to check them both out. sounds as if the trip back home was a fun one :)


Whippet said...

Another fun adventure and you look great! WW suits you:-)