Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to all

I have dozens and dozens of things for which I am thankful and will, in due course, list a few here. But first, are these not the cutest little ladies? These darling girls belong to our dear friend in St. Louis, Jadee. We get to spend time with these two cuties and their equally cute mom every two years at our time share. Meanwhile, Jadee keeps us posted with wonderful pictures of the girls and we can watch them grow! We have the very best time picking out their Christmas gifts each year as we do buying for my great niece and best scrapping buddy, Kaela! This year we found these darling outfits for Jadee's girls. Both have pink (hard to tell in the sweater, cuffed capri length pants and scarf) and I sure with that fun fur sweater vest came in my size!

E and I sat over a glass of wine while he cooked supper last night and thought about the myriad things for which we are thankful. So here is a partial list.

1. Our family and the fact we're in expansion mode adding two more wee members come this June, the fact all the kids have jobs and incomes and no one wants to move in with us (lol), that we enjoy each others company and are invested in our love for each other.

2. Our health (precarious as it is from time to time), that we have access to good doctors through our insurance (and that we have good insurance despite the outrageous cost per month), that we are making efforts to take better care of ourselves and stay active.

3. Our friends who support us emotionally, have fun with us, miss us when we are gone, laugh with us, invite us to join them for outings and events and just plain love us for who we are not who they think we should be.

4. Our pensions and the fact the people who administer our money have made wise choices in investing through rough times so our income stays stable and that our eons of working continue to make our lives good years later.

5. The internet that keeps us connected to friends and family who are far from Paradise.

6. Paradise itself (which is often more a state of mind than it is an actual location) which gives us balmy weather, a lovely little town, a trail upon which to ride our bikes, a library close by, cultural and community events handy and a lot of people just like us.

and I am thankful for those who read this blog! Happy Thanksgiving!


Laura said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Jules!

altar ego said...

Love you Jules, and I'm thankful for YOU!!!

Janet M said...

Happy belaeted Thanskgiving day and enjoy your cropping time today. The girls are getting so big and cuter all the time. Hannah was so little the time I saw her at the beach and such a sweetie.

Amy said...

Hoping you are having a great time cropping today! And yes, those two little girls are sooo cute!!!

Kelly said...

The girls are adorable! I'm thankful I stumbled across your blog several months ago. Although I don't always comment, I read you faithfully! I want to be you when I grow up, as you seem to always live life to the fullest and take joy in simple pleasures!
Season's Greetings!