Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun day at Ruban Rouge...again!

I met Becky and Ginni at Roadies for breakfast (thanks Becky) and had the best Roadies Eggs Benedict with corn beef hash. Then it was on to Ruban Rouge to crop the day away. I actually got 4 more layouts done with only a few things to add to each to be finished. Hopefully I can get to those later today. Dee stopped by to say hello and pick up a donation for her crop that Becky had for her. I can't make any plans for June until we know when Kristen's due date is. We had lunch at Gino's right up the street and they have the best Italian! Yum! Not so sure on Becky's Blueberry beer

This one I did finish and just have to laugh at the title since we are hardly "bad girls". (Ok...I did use to smoke out behind the gym in high Becky is doing one too and I can't wait to see hers.

Lots on the agenda this week. We have Linda and Chuck coming into town for a visit and have some day trips planned and some fun things in store. We love their company and this is their first visit to our new home here. I wish the weather were warmer so we could float in the pool but, despite the solar heat, it is still a bit too brisk!

Hope everyone has a great start to their week!


"A Chance at Life" said...

Yes, I agree .... bad girls do *ROCK*!!!

It was really nice to see you again Jules. It has been way to long ; }

Hope to see you again soon!

Love ya,

altar ego said...

Your layout title reminds me of the saying, "well behaved women rarely make history." I'm thinking there's a play on that phrase that would make a good layout title for you ladies. Glad you had such a lovely time.

rebecca lucille said...

Oh my gosh Jules! That's hilarious! I was thinking the same thing about the old saying... "well behaved women..." Too funny! I'm thinking I'll have to find the perfect title for my layout!
Here's the difference between you and've already scrapped the photo, and I just barely have it up on the blog! Tee hee hee!
I hope to scrap some today tho...

Pam in Moncton said...

Oh cute - you bad girls! I also like what you did with the shaped paper from the K 'N K kit. Must remember that trick when I get the paper!

Pam in Moncton said...

Oh cute! Bad girls indeed! I also like your layouts with the shaped paper. I must remember that trick when I get mine.

Ginni C. said...

Love it!! I had a great day with you all! We WILL have to do it again!