Sunday, February 28, 2010

Had such fun at the ACOT crop this weekend...

Yesterday I was partners with Sarah, a very talented digi designer from 6am-8 am, from 8 am -10 am, I taught my class and this morning my good pal, Pam and I were on shift from 6 am- 8 am.

Then I proofread a paper for my son-in-laws engineering class and gathered my supplies to meet Janet and her darling daughter, Becca, for lunch and Debbie Schuh's class at Whims' in St. Pete. Talk about a great investment. I'll post my pics tomorrow. I am so tired after a full weekend ...will also post the pics of Becky and me scrapping and all the yuummy food E fixed us. Love ya Becky, Janet, Becca and, of course, Debbie!

More tomorrow, I promise!

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