Thursday, August 26, 2010

And so it begins

Last January when Jo and Bill were down for a month, we all fantasized about going on a cruise together. E and I were due for a vacation abroad and had been saving for 'something' for the previous six months or more. Within a few short weeks, we had gone from dreaming about this to deciding where we WERE going and Jo set out to get us the best deal possible...and boy! did she. When I tell the story of her negotiations and what we are getting more for the same amount of cash we started out getting, people want her phone number so she can do this for them.

So, we have spent the past two to three months planning our trip via emails and Jo flew in for almost a week so we could finalize the day trips etc. We have been trying not to count down the days but now we can...EIGHT to go.

And now begins the process of packing. I had lost about 30lbs since my last cruise and had gotten rid of all my upper sized clothes so I had to get some new goodies (breaking my heart here). Other than a new set of jammies and some hose, I think I am pretty well set. E too has taken off some pounds and we got him some really nice things to wear too.

And now to sort and pack...

Jo and Bill told us they pack on their dinning room table so we have started to do the same. E asked that I try to limit my shoes which has been the toughest but I am down to a mere six pairs.

I have a couple of DT obligations to fulfill, a book clue gratitude dinner to attend, a crop this Friday at POSH, Dinner Club this Sat. evening at Bob and Becky's, a hair cut and color touch up, and as many Nana days as I can fit in til it is "Leaving on a jet plane" day. Oh, and happy hour with our house sitter to update him on pool, cats and new router code for computer access.

Color me excited!


Amy said...

lucky lucky Jules!! You're going to have a great time :)

Janet M said...

Your going to have a wonderful trip and it looks like the packing is going good. Have fun tonight.