Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eleven weeks as of tomorrow...

It is so hard to believe that the boys are almost two months old and looking back, it is easy to see all the changes they have undergone. But, speaking as proud Nana, I think they just get cuter and cuter every day.

Little Mama got a two and a half hour nap today with Colvin while Nana, Papa and Landon hung out, hit a few bottles (Landon and milk not us) and took a nap or two. Landon is going through a phase where he wants body contact at all times but he played in the play pen for about a half hour by himself and slept on our bed for a bit over an hour.

The boys are smiling in response to smiles now and tracking us when we walk toward them and away from them. They are starting to mimic facial expressions so Nana is teaching them to stick out their

We sent Little Mama home more rested, fed and with food enough for a couple of meals for her and Big Daddy. Hoping to see them again on Sat. I need to store up lots of Nana time so I don't miss those little guys as much when we head to the Med. in a couple of weeks. Meeting with our housesitter next week to update him on the cats/pool (fountain motor burned out), etc.

Hope you've had a great day!


Maria said...

Oh my gosh, those boys are just growing right before your eyes. Way too cute! It looks like you had a wonderful day and Kristin did too, for sure! You can't imagine how much you appreciate when you know someone is taking care of your baby(ies) as well as you would while you get some much needed sleep.

altar ego said...

I just want to give them the biggest squeeze! They are just too adorable. I'd offer to let all of you get some sleep, too!

madelineas said...

they are just getting cuter by the day. Nice nana, teaching them to stick out their tongues LOL