Thursday, October 07, 2010

Janet and Bob's visit

I have been a wellspring of wrong dates lately. When Janet and I talked about her and Bob visiting this week, I was certain we were babysitting for the Twins Tues while Chris had class and Kristen had a workshop. So we told Janet and Bob to come on up, we'd meet them at the house after 7pm and we'd all go out to dinner. We go to the kids, and oops! wrong Monday. Oh well.

Janet and Bob got to our house on time and we headed out to Currents in our little town of Tarpon Springs. Jackie L had told us they loved the food there and, even though the restaurant has been opened for about a year, E and I had not eaten there. Boy! Were we missing something. It is a quiet and elegant gem on the corner across the street from the bank and across from the train station. The food is cuisine at its most flavorful. We will be going back there. And thanks Bob and Janet for treating...I'd have found Bob's hearing aid eventually anyway. lol

Janet and I headed up to Posh Scraps to surprise our friend, Jackie L (who btw has made the most beautiful 25 days of Christmas box...Michele has asked to display it at Posh Scraps when Jackie finishes the numbers). And Jackie was so surprised. We scrapped the day away after several side trips into the store for more of all the new goodies that Michele has gotten into the store.

We broke for lunch around 1:30 and, upon Jackie's recommendation, we went to Flame Stone Grill on Tampa Road a couple of miles passed Posh Scraps. I have to tell you that the 'made fresh at the table from scratch' guacamole was to die for. I had the great flat bread and it was also fantastic.

Around 4, we all packed up and said our goodbyes til next time. Janet and I headed to Kristen's a mile away so Janet could meet the Twins in person. Here she is with Colvin who was wide awake and who loves to laugh out loud now.

And here she is with Landon who had just woken up but was "singing" to Janet before we left.

The boys had been on the search for the 'perfect' oyster while we had been gone and, when we returned we found E in the kitchen working on dinner, a cassoulet, and Bob reading on the lanai. We compared our days, ate supper and solved all the world's problems around the dinner table afterwords over a glass of wine. We should have taken

Tomorrow I'll post two layouts I did for my reveal at ACOT that went up two days and a couple of layouts I have done that are on display at Posh. Please check my altered blog when you have time as a mini Grateful book that was also part of my reveal for ACOT is going up there today and tomorrow I'll be putting up my project for Gingersnaps of my Gothic Elements reveal and the OPEN banner I made for Posh Scraps. Been a busy girl

HOpe you are having a great day!


Janet M said...

Well I had a wonderful time with you and Gene both, excellent food and friendship.
Loved getting time with the babies and can't wait to get some time with them in the winter.

It was great seeing Jackie and I'm so thrilled that Posh is putting her calender on display it's beautiful.

As for POSH - wow she is doing wonders with the store and I loved going back there to crop again and shop. I wish her the best. Loved seeing all of your samples in the store too.

Anonymous said...

i am soooooo jealous!!!