Monday, November 29, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

During the holiday season , E and I like to surprise each other with little gifts or doing special things for each other even more often than the rest of the year. If I am out and find some flavored coffees in a store, I'll pick them up for us, (nothing like Figaro's in Olde Towne in St. Charles, Mo...but good none the less), if he sees a small candle I might like ...just little things like this that make the season a bit more special.

Sat. morning I got up to dozens of roses: beautiful deep red fragrant ones and sunny sweet yellow ones that will bloom for years. We planted them yesterday in the rose garden and they are so lovely.

Yesterday we also got our tree festooned with the sheer and velvet ribbons and the tree topper so the tree is complete. I love putting up the tree and remembering the occasion for buying each of the significant ornaments: the ones we got in New Orleans on our road trip with Steve, DeeDee, Jill, Kelly (can't wait to see you guys in Feb), Geri and Sam; the glass ornaments we got at the Flower Peddler (my favorite shop in St. Charles' Olde Towne), the lovely one we picked up on our first trip to Italy...the list goes on and on.

As joyous as this season is for us and doubly so this year because of our new grandsons, today is a bit bittersweet. We lost my mother 11 years ago today to that monster cancer. She fought a valiant battle. It is hard to believe she is gone at all, her presence remains strong even today in our lives, let alone 11 years. Love you, Mom and Best Friends!


Pam in Moncton said...

Beautiful roses and beautiful tree!

Alisha said...

What pretty decorations! I'm sorry about your mom. I'm sure she is watching down over you and the new babies. :)

crazydarla said...

You are so blessed and I love to read your tales of love and romance... but I just cannot fathom Christmas-time without snow. It's just part of the Holiday for me - snuggly sweaters and wet soggy mittens and snow shovels and seeing your breath in the crisp morning air.... planting roses in Dec - wow!!! XO Darla

crazydarla said...

I love to read your stories of love and romance! So sweet! I just cannot fathom the Christmas holidays without snow! It is just a such a big part of Christmas for me! Warm fuzzy sweaters and soggy wet mittens and iced up windshields and shoveling snow and seeing your iced cold breath in the crisp morning air and snow days from school for the kids! I cannot imagine planting ROSES in Dec!!! LOL Love ya! XO