Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sale in Paradise

I have been debating on opening an Etsy shop or not. At the crop at Posh the other day, one of the gals asked why I didn't sell my little tote bags and my banners and that got me thinking.

Before I set up the Etsy shop and pay pal account, I am going to do a trial run here on my blog.

The two banners are one of a kinds as are the tote bags. These are all hand dyed trimmed with laces, some vintage, some with French silk ribbons and some with tulle which I dyed along with the tags sets that accompany each of the totes. The totes are 6x6 excluding the handles.

If you are interested in prices, which I am keeping reasonable, please email me at for details or further information. More detailed pictures are available upon request, Thanks for looking.


Amy said...

I think you should totally do it! Beautiful work, I love those banners, they are stunning!

Janet M said...

Go for it Jules- I'll direct some people to your site. I love the banner.