Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Part II

We had such fun last night watching the kids (all 5 of them) open their gifts. I think everyone got things they really wanted. As I said, in the case of the twins it was all the paper they could stuff into their mouths when we were not

E and I tucked ourselves in after eleven last night and, of course, were up bright and early this morning. We have always had the kids over the next day for either breakfast, a large lunch or both but Kristen has asked that Christmas morning be at her house so the boys can have Santa come to their be it and perfect for us. But, as I told E, I think next year, we will save the stockings for Christmas morning at Kristens instead of emptying them on Christmas Eve like we did this year.

Poor Chris had to work today and none of us wanted Kristen and the boys to not have their Christmas morning as she wanted. We all converged on Kristen's home around ten and her brunch was lovely. Her dear friend and fellow teacher, Mininah, came over and the boys love their Auntie!

The boys were hugging on their toys that Santa brought to our house for them and wearing their Christmas duds! We played and chatted til both boys went down for their afternoon nap, then Rob went to meet up with some friends and E and I headed home.

It was such a beautiful day here (close to 70)so E suggested we walk to the Sponge Docks. We found the new place was open and had a lovely drink on the top deck of the Veranda. This is the old Louis Pappas place on the corner of Alt. 19 and Dodacanese for those of you locals who read my blog. The view is incredible! The drink prices were quite reasonable and the menu extensive. If we had been more suitably dressed and more hungry, we might have had an early dinner there. But E had surf and turf planned for the two of this evening. I do love this man.

Tomorrow we are setting out early on a quest: we need new bedroom linens and EVERY PLACE is having a sale so off we shall go.

I was a bit sad today thinking about how E and I wait and plan and spend days dressing our house for the holidays. How we play holiday music non stop from Thanksgiving on and how we love to look at the lights of the tree and our window dressings. Then, suddenly before we know it, it is over. The Christmas music no longer plays non stop on the radio and the holiday decorations come down. Then I remembered, this year, Christmas will be lasting longer and longer. Our dear Clare asked if we would still have the house decorated for her visit and, the answer was, of course. So, if into the middle of January, you see a few twinkling Christmas will be us! And a few of us are having a Captiva Christmas this year in January as well. After all, isn't Christmas more the spirit than the time of the year?

And wouldn't it be grand if we could all take those twinkling lights, the Happy Holidays spirit, the 'after you', the wishing everyone the best attitude and keep it all year long?


altar ego said...

Love all your pictures (great shirt for E!), and the boys look like they are relishing to activity! Next year should be a blast with them walking and trying to string words together.

Happiest of extended celebrating to you. We do the same here!

Love you!

Pam in Moncton said...

Well after all, Christmas season is just getting started, you know! The 12 Days of Christmas come AFTER Christmas! So you won't be all that amiss in having decorations up for a while. Love seeing your pictures and I'm glad the family is close by to spend time with.