Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sat. with Kim

Kim and I were up, dressed and ready to have a great day early. We headed to Dunedin for the Green Market and I got some tomatoes and apples to take home to E. He has rejoined me on the Weight watchers' plan and we are doing very well, thank you very much. Just need to figure out how to use my calculator to figure his point total.

By the time we finished at the market, the little boutiques and shops were opening. I picked up a couple of beautiful ornaments for our tree that I had deemed too expensive before Christmas but affordable at 70% off. I also got two spacers for my Pandora bracelet but these are Vera Bradley ones. Am redoing my bracelet later today.

And then we headed to my very favorite store in Dunedin, Q'a (www.gdunedin.com) And they now carry shoes! and what shoes they are...Kim went nuts because the prices are so reasonable too. I got some of the make up the store had on special and a few baubles but Kim made a real haul.

Kristen called us when the boys got up from their nap and we met her at Molly Goodheads in Ozona. This was one of the first restaurants the kids took us to when we would visit them here when we lived in Ft. Myers. It is a cute, rustic place with a darling patio outside, an enclosed porch and good food. The tables are big enough for all of us.

Colvin was not wild about the dill pickle we gave him to taste but Landon sunk his (two) teeth into it with great joy.

Busy week coming up here in Paradise. Tomorrow I am cropping with my friend, Jackie, at Posh. Our friend, Di, is out of town until the 30th. We are making plans to attend one of Debbie Schuh's classes being offered locally in a month or so and hoping our new scrap pals from Orlando will be able to join us.

Thursday, Jo and I are joining some of the other Book Club gals for an exhibit and lunch at the art center in Dunedin and Friday, Jo is coming over to the twins's house to sit with me and give E a break. He and Bill will be working on the stoppers in our bathroom sinks. I think Jo and I will be having far more fun than the guys.

Sat. morning early I'll be heading up to my friend, Ginni's. She and her daughter host a crop in the Lake Pan area every other month. We were scheduled for Dinner Club this Sat. night but it has been moved to the first weekend in Feb. so I am going to crop with Ginni. Can't wait as it has been too long.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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madcow said...

Missing you too much already!! Big hugs to everyone - only back a day here and already Jacqui, Diane, Joey, Bill, Kristen, Chris & the boys have been "introduced" to everyone back here!