Saturday, March 05, 2011

Catch Up Sat.

Our friend,Kim, called early Thurs. morning and said she had an interview in Tampa and could we meet somewhere half way for lunch. We immediately thought of Pete and Shorty's on Gulf to that place: darling courtyard, delectable food and a bit of old time Florida right next to the original Hooters! And, btw, Kim not only nailed that job but the company made her a regional manager. Now, instead of living almost 3 hours from us, she'll be 45 minutes away. Kim and I met when her daughter was on one of my freshman Cheer squads and we bonded. She is one of the Week 29 people down on Ft. Myers Beach at our time share resort and GAK (Great Aunt Kim) to the twins.

So, that brings us up to Friday, otherwise known as Nana and Papa Day with the twins. And they were their usual wonderful selves. Landon is in full crawl and Colvin is doing what Landon did two weeks ago so he will be mobile soon. They eat everything we give them, love picking up pasta with their fingers and Gumbo the dog, love it that they are not quiet dexterous yet as he gets the left overs. These little fellas wake up from naps so happy, it melts my heart!

Friday, after we got home and showered, Jacque and Di came by and set up tables in the garage so they would be ready for the Four Crafty Ladies garage sale on Sat. here. Ginni arrived around seven and E had a lovely casserole ready for us. We sat up til ten pm solving the world's

but 6:30 am came very early...Jacque and Pete showed up at a quarter of seven putting lie to all her "I'll be a tad late" arrivals when she, Di and I scrap on Wed. Diane showed up shortly thereafter and, working together, we were already for the buyers who showed up in a very steady stream (only one 15 min. period of time from 8-2 when no one was in our drive way) through out the day. Pete was great at putting out the signs that Di got, Jacque's ad drew them in and E and I cleared over 200.00 to be divided into 3 parts: 1/3 for each of us and 1/3 for a lovely dinner at Currents in Tarpon Springs.

Our Hilltop friend, Cathy, came by for a visit and a few purchases and we are making some plans about the Tim Holtz classes coming up next month. And "little Amy" , her too cute hubby and her darling little one, came by. Amy lives a hop, skip and a jump from my house now and we've invited her to join us on Wed.'s once school is out and told her about the Friday night crops at Posh! And we met Jill, a member of an altered art group here in the Pinellas area. Both Jacque and I are intrigued by the group and the great projects they do.

And, that brings you all up to date on the latest adventures here in my little slice of Paradise

WAIT...did I mention where E and I are heading this evening? It is Night on the Islands down on the Sponge Docks, one of our favorite local events and tonight we are going to experience the Greek version of Mardi Gras, Apokreatiko to follow tomorrow.

Hope you are having as great a weekend as we are!

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