Monday, April 18, 2011

How does your garden grow?

We had a simply lovely weekend here in Paradise. Our garden is in full bloom and we've been enjoying a glass of wine in the evening before dark on the lower lawn lost in the colors and the aromas. I'm not sure why we call it the lower "lawn" since the only grass is that lining the walk way down to the gate that leads to the area behind the pool but we do.

Our iris, hollyhocks, jasmine and dozens and dozens of roses are in full and colorful bloom with the promise of more of the same. The jasmine bush in the pot back by the hot tub is intoxicating in its scent and we can smell it clear up to the house. But the most fragrant of all are the gardenias. We have a large bush on the lower lawn, another under our bedroom window and have just planted a third one outside the guest room window. I've floated a few in a bowl and put them on the night stand in our room...sweet dreams!

The workshop on Sat. morning went well and I am working on the next of the series: Mixed Backgrounds. We'll be playing with alcohol inks, krylons, iridescent paints and more on acrylic, glass, vellum and tissue paper. And that is on April 30.

The little boys and their mama came over for a swim on Sat. afternoon and, when Big Daddy got off work, we all had supper together. The boys do love the pool and swimming with Papa is apparently more fun that swimming with Nana or Mama as they didn't want E getting out of the pool! Landon is standing alone without support for longer and longer periods of time and Colvin is into touching and discovering how everything works.

Sunday morning we rode our bikes into town for our breakfast at Tuela's on the Trail. We skipped the farmer's market as E had just stocked up up on veggies. We worked in the garden and has a leisurely day reading and floating in the pool. The humidity is down here so we've opened up the house again...better to see and smell the garden!

Hope you had a lovely and relaxing weekend and are ready to face whatever adventures this week brings.

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linda said...

Great pictures, I can't wait to start planting some veggies.. It snowed here last week, so I am really hesitant to start.