Wednesday, June 08, 2011

La Vita E Bella (Life is Beautiful)

1. Being able to spend time with our pals in St. Louis recently

2. Having fun being a Nana

3. Two funny little guys to hang out with (see pics below)

4. Another little one on the way

5. Scrap booking with second graders yesterday

6. Amazing meals by my honey (see photo below)

7. Our family all living within twenty minutes of each other and we enjoy our time together

8. The boys' first birthday this Friday and the party on Sunday (gifts bought and wrapped)

9. Garden in full bloom and new arbor, gate and fence ready to be installed.

10. My last two technique workshops scheduled for this Sat. at Posh and all workshops to repeat this coming fall.

11. Saw my layout in a new scrap book while I was in St. Louis.

12. My vertigo has not returned.

13. Wonderful women with whom to scrap.

14 Witty, clever and smart friends both near and far

15. I turn 64 tomorrow and am content


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