Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday in (northern) Paradise

With all the kids out of the house, Janet and Bob are downsizing, building a new home on some property right Lake Erie (photos tomorrow). They have donated their current home to the college, Mercyhurst, that Bob and Janet have helped endow. Bob will retain his corporate building on the grounds but all else will belong to the college. This is a beautiful location but then, so is their new place going to be.

After a wonderful breakfast at a darling nearby restaurant, we headed to the new house to check its progress. This is going to be a wonderful home for the two of them. And my room is not too shabby When we got back to the house, Janet took us on a tour of the college(pictures to follow tomorrow)and, much to E's delight, the chef who runs the culinary arts program was there and they could chat. The college is an old seminary and the chapel is beyond belief with the original stained glass windows. They just do not make them like that any more.

While the family had a meeting in the afternoon, Bob and Janet's daughter-in-law, Karen, volunteered to take E and I through one of the food plants and then to two
amazing coming soon.

More tomorrow. While our flight home was a delight (funny flight attendant and when we landed, the pilot said "Whoa...whoa" over the intercom), we are both tired and our kitties in need of TLC.

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Janet M said...

Glad you made it home safely, the whole family loved having you here. Who-who told Becca who "I think your mom's friend is really funny." We were actually pretty calm that time !