Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Playing hookey!

Yesterday, we decided we had had our noses to the grindstone far too long. We were moderately ready for the holidays with only a few cards left to address and mail and packages for home to wrap. So, we played hookey the rest of the day. When we taught, we called these days "mental health" days.

We headed to Dunedin (boy! I sure spend a lot of time in that city) to try a place we were introduced to at the Grape Escape, the fundraiser for the north Pinellas YMCA, that we attended a couple of weeks ago. The owner was giving out samples of their corn shrimp bisque, which btw, is to die for. This is the Olde Bay Cafe and Dunedin Fish Market.
We split a bowl of the other specialty soup on the menu, Mushroom and brie brisque...oh my. It is one amazing soup and we'll be going back to Olde Bay Cafe and Dunedin Fish Market for sure just for this. E and I each got the Catch of the Day which was grouper. When I first got mine, it did not look done to me. I like my fish flaky and a bit on the dry side. But, before asking the chef to pass it over the grill one more time, I decided to try it. PERFECTION. The fish is served cooked to your order on ciabatta with a fantastic mayo spread. And the chips taste home made.
The drink on the menu above is a white sangria and Jacque and Di, I have found us a new place for lunch but we'll have to take the Jolly Trolley so we can all have one and not worry about who is driving.

And then there is the view!
Today, we got all the jobs done we blew off yesterday including putting the little guys kitchen set together . But that is another story entirely.

Hope your countdown to the BIG DAY is going well. Take a deep breath and do something for yourself. Happy holidays.

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