Sunday, January 15, 2012

Luscious Lushes Reunion

It has been a year since Clare, Janet, Pam and I spent a wonderful week together and, while we are having our reunion this year, we are having to do it a bit differently. Thanks to Google Plus, Circles and Hangouts we are opening our gifts together in a video chat that can actually hold up to 8 people at a time. Clare in New Zealand, Pam in Wisconsin, Janet in Pennsylvania and me here in Florida will be opening our gifts to each other on camera so we can all see. It will be almost as good as being together. The Luscious Lushes shall be together again I am sure but this is going to be the next best thing..

I've spent a bit of time thinking back to our wonderful, wild and zany times and felt a bit of a review is in order to properly set the stage for our reunion this evening.

Clare flew in a couple of days early and I surprised her with a weekend crop in Sebring with our wonderful friends, Jacque and Di. We had the crazy in a good way Orlando gals at our table, our sweetie, Beth, and our lovely pals, Maria and her daughter, Adrianna. Could not have asked for a better table mix!

Pam flew in that Sunday and bright and early Monday morning we headed to Janet's beach house on Anna Maria Island where we had a wonderful dinner. Next day we were off to Captiva Island for four days of hysteria and our Captiva Christmas in January celebration.

Our first stop was the Lighthouse Restaurant in Ft. Myers just before the causeway and then it was off to the grocery store to stock up on necessaries. We even bought some food.
This was where the notorious four called home for our get together. Our two bedroom,two bath, full kitchen, living room and screened in lanai looked right on the beach and it is a good thing walls can not talk. We put up our little tree, hung out snow men lights around our front window and took off for a walk up the beach.

Drinks and even some food later, we talked, sipped, and played Left Right Center (I think) but mostly we laughed.

We took lots of pictures in the four days on Captiva

Looked for a husband for our Clare.
Ate our breakfast each morning in the resort dining room.
Had a drink or two at the cute bar with the wonderful fireplace.
Took a long walk one morning in our jammies (ok...I'm the only one who actually did not change clothes) and then had breakfast starting with mimosas.
Shelled our way back to our lovely cottage.
Shopped and went to a wine tasting
Tried to keep Clare from being deported. Attended a cocktail party pool side and sat on the bay side having a cocktail.

Went to another wine tasting Or maybe this was the same one...
Toasted our friendship again

Visited the local sites
Toasted the sun sets
and just generally hung out
enjoying each others' company.

I may never finish the Luscious Lushes Scrapbook Album or, if I do, it will be far too many memories for just one album.

Looking forward to tonight my dear friends. See you then!


madcow said...

Oh Lordy!! That really was fun! TEDIOUS even!! LOL

Pam said...

I am missing you all TONS.

Janet M said...

Oh I love the review of the vacation, we had such a wonderful time. Thanks Jules for the memories.