Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Break

Today was Kristen's last day of school and it is officially Spring Break. She wanted to do something fun so we all met out at Miss Vickie's on the Anclote River for dinner and drinks.

E and I got there first and scrounged around til we found enough chairs and the people next to us were leaving so we snagged their table before the kids and grands arrived. And the icing on the cake was Randy Vincent, one of our favorite local singers. This man plays and sings the blues so amazingly.
Colvin and Landon both handled the water in the cups pretty well for little guys. We still use the topped sippy cups at Nana and Papas and they use them at their house but we were outside over crushed shell so what is a little water, right?

Leighton slept until just as her mama's food was being delivered, of course. lol
Colvin either wears his baseball cap backwards or to the side for the most part. I think he does this because having the bill in the front restricts his sight.
Here are the twins and Little Mama and Big Daddy.
Little Mama and our cutie patootie, Leighton
The kids friend, Tom, (and our house sitter) joined us for a beer and, on our way out, the boys took turns astride his huge motorcyle. Neither one seemed the least afraid of either the bike or the height.

Landon and I took a nice long walk and then, in imitation of a boy about six, he threw rocks and shells into the river with pretty good aim!

I managed to keep my points down by having a salad with only a teaspoon of dressing and a beer. This Simply Filling is working!

Happy Spring Break everyone!

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LyndaKay said...

Chicks dig me...gotta love those Tee shirts!