Saturday, April 07, 2012

Linda's last day

Friday was our last full day with our friend, Linda Adams, before she winged her way home to her family for Easter. We started our day with our walk and ended it talking and relaxing . We had wanted to take her someplace for lunch that was one of our favorites and Sea Sea Riders in Dunedin was perfection, as usual. The restaurant has a somewhat limited view of the Gulf but the people watching is superb. The restaurant is housed in an old Florida style cottage, is family owned and the service is attentive without being intrusive. The food is regional with an emphasis on fresh fish and seafood but everything is good.

As usual, blogger has loaded my photos in the order it sees fit instead of the order I indicated but oh well.
This is a picture of my new little glass dragonflies. More about this later.
Linda had the Blackened Mixed Grill with chicken, wild rice and guacamole.
I had the seafood pasta and the clams were done to perfection. I can not eat raw anything except E's infamous salmon tar tar. The seafood was tender and perfectly cooked and the sauce tasty without overwhelming the scrimp, scallops and clams.
E had the beer battered grouper and, while he prefers his batter with a bit more beer flavor, he cleaned his plate and declared it good!
Here is a closer up of one of the three dragonflies suspended on wires that I bought for the tiny side garden I created off the end of our front porch. The Mistletoe House/Lafayette & Rushford on Broadway in Dunedin is one of my all time favorite shops for lovely things. Just going into the store is a delight.
And this is the rose that bloomed in our garden just in time to put it in Linda's room for the night.
The fragrance is pure bliss.
Linda and I also made a stop at Big Lots on HW 19. We found her lighted grapes for her wine inspired kitchen recess and found these fun floating lily pads for the pool. We got the last two I think they had but I am keeping my eye out for a 3rd. At $6.00 a lily pad, what a pretty thing to have floating in the pool for an evening party. The dragonflies/butterflies change three colors.

While we were in the Lafayette shop, E added this darling and so soft little brown bunny to my collection. My bunny collection is not nearly as extensive as my snow people one and, eventually, I am going to let the grands pick their own bunny from the ones I do have each Easter.

We have some things yet to get done for the family Easter here. The little guys are old enough to hunt for eggs so we are having Rob be the Easter bunny tomorrow and hide plastic eggs filled with toddler cookies and yogurt candies and little fuzzy chickies like my Nana use to put in my Easter basket. Hope they don't eat the chickies! I have baskets for the grands and chocolate bunnies for the big kids: Kristen, Chris and Rob.

Hope the Easter bunny brings you a lovely Easter for those who celebrate this holiday.

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