Friday, May 25, 2012

That was the week that was...

 We have had the craziest, zaniest weeks we've had for the longest time.  Some things I can share now and some I will be able to share soon.  We had our usual Nana/Papa Day with the Grands last Wed. and then a bonus day with Papa's "Bella" yesterday.  Poor little Leighton has an upper respiratory and Chris could not take off work.  He took her to the doctor and then brought her over here for the day and then the whole Owens Gang joined us for dinner.

So here are the high lights from our last Nana/Papa day.
The boys and their Papa have a new treat time ritual...they share an apple.  Papa gets mostly skin and the boys alternate bites with Papa getting one every now and then.

 Leighton is up and on her way to moving and groving:
 but her favorite activity is playing rolley polley with her toes.
 and look at our Rock Star!
 I found this Leap Frop bike at the kids' resale shop for $15.00 and it is in primo condition.  They boys like it because it 'talks' to them . Neither one can quite grasp the concept of pushing on the pedals but they still love it...won't be long!
 Colvin is trying to tell me how old he is going to be...ummmmmmmmmmmmmm?
 And here is me in a rare Nana and Owens Gang photo...
 Colvin and Landon invented a new game...climb up on Papa and use his tummy like a slide.  And there is less of Papa to slide down than there use to be...I've lost 32 on WW and E has lost 24lb.  And we walk daily...better to keep up with those Owens kids!
I started the week with 5 people signed up for my Foils and Leafing Tech class to 8 with a waiting list (we are doing a second class on June 2 in the afternoon at Posh Scraps)and the afternoon class has gone from 2 to I've been loading kits like a mad woman. 

Hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend...please take time to remember why we have this 3 day weekend!  God Bless our servicemen and women.


madelineas said...

I am sure Papa really hates sharing that apple Jules. You both look great and WTG on the weight loss
Hope 'Bella' feels better soon

LyndaKay said...

Such fun pictures!! Can't wait to hear the rest of your news. Hope it's all good.