Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nana/Papa Day with the Grands May 30

 Leighton has an upper respiratory infection but you could not tell it.  She is such a happy baby.  The meds are making her a bit hyper though and her naps are way shorter than they should be but she only has a couple more days on them, thank goodness.

She and her Papa have a special relationship.  He calls her "Bella" for beautiful.  Kristen worries about her lack of hair but I have reminded her that she had so little when she was a year old that I taped a bow in her three strands for her first birthday.  Leighton is lucky that the headbands for 'baldy babes' are so popular now.  No scotch tape for our little gal.

 The boys are rapidly approaching two with all the accompanied characteristics.  By nature, fortunately, they are kind and loving little guys and they play together better as time passes.  Their vocabulary is increasing daily and we find them (and they us) very entertaining. 

Next Wed. is our last Nana/Papa Play Day at their house but they will be coming to see us at least once a week during the summer.  We have so many plans:  swimming, searching for the gnomes in Nana's garden (those pesky little things move around between visits, don't ya know), stalking lizards and watching for butterflies , going to the park to play on the play ground , shopping with Nana and Mama, and cooking up wonderful things on their play stove supervised by Chef Papa.  Come join us! 


Janet M said...

Gosh Jules she's just so darn cute!!!
Love the pictures of the boys too, it's always great to see the new pictures of all of them.

Norma said...

Cute, cute, cute. My mom had to tape bows in my hair until I was three.

LyndaKay said...

What a fun summer you're going to have with these kiddos! cute pics.